Invisible Fence Cost

For many pet owners, an invisible fence cost may appear to be a deterrent from actually considering it for purchase. The first expense that you save on, by investing in invisible fence, is the cost involved in actually constructing a physical fence. This is usually built at a prohibitive cost.

Apart from the cost of building the fence, you also have to spend money to maintain it. This includes the paint, which has to be done periodically. Apart from this, you may have to spend for occasional repairs. This is something you cannot predict; your fence could be damaged at just about anytime, for just any reason. Or even several times a month.

Invisible Fence Cost

Even if your pet is otherwise well behaved, it could still damage your garden in such a way as to cost you a lot of money. Petsafe Invisible Fence can also be used to protect your flower beds and landscaping, in both of which you could have invested a lot of money.

Benefits Vs. Invisible Fence Costs

There are some hidden invisible fence cost expenses I have not yet mentioned. These include damages that your dog could cause, if it were allowed to run about freely, outside your premises, such as in your neighbor’s garden. This could happen even if there were a physical fence, as the dog could climb over it, or squeeze under it, to escape.

So, a moderate investment in Petsafe invisible fence could actually end up saving you a lot of money. You will be assured of the best product quality if you buy from a credible source. To identify the right Petsafe invisible fences for your needs, and to buy and start using them, consider the following tips.

Invisible fences were originally intended for campers and vacationers, to help keep their pets under control. Their rising popularity can be attributed to its ease of use and in most cases, the invisible fence cost justifies the benefits you reap.
An invisible fence can benefit not only owners of larger pets. They can be also used for smaller sized collars, too.

Petsafe has more than one system for pet owners. Apart from the popular invisible fence models, Petsafe also offers what is called the Instant Fence. It’s a unique fence and collar system. A dog using the collar of the PIF-275 instant fence system constantly hears the signal. Only when the dog walks beyond the defined border does the system activate and the dog is given stimulation through the two points on the collar that touch its neck.

This instant fence system has a few limitations. For instance, as it transmits in a circular field of 90 feet radius, it is only suitable for people with a limited area to cover, although the range can be technologically increased to 180 feet. So, overall, the petsafe invisible fence cost is reasonable and is a better alternative than the instant fence system described above.

To insure that the system works, you may need to take a few other precautions. For instance if you have a hairy dog, with a thick coat of fur, you may need to shave it around the neck for the collar to make contact. However this system also has some shortcomings. It will stop working if the wire breaks, or the battery dies out. The system can only stop your dog, or other pet, from wandering away, but cannot prevent outside animals from entering your property.

Ultimately, you cannot rely only on an invisible fence to contain your dog. Training your dog to behave is a primary requirement, with or without fences. The Petsafe Invisible Fence will be of additional assistance, if you have a well-trained dog. You will be assured of the best product quality and a reasonable invisible fence cost if you buy from a credible source.